Flowers, flowers, flowers (2-Minute Uplifting Video)

For the last few days I’ve been walking around Jerusalem with such a big smile on my face. The world feels SO gorgeous now as warmth and spring fill the air I breathe. And here’s a perfect video in honor of the arrival of spring…The videographer photographed flowers over two days in order to capture the moment of blossoming. Just look at this breathtaking pop of beauty that Hashem made for us to enjoy! Thanks to Baltimore JewishMOM Bracha Goetz for sending this my way…


  1. That was absolutely incredible. i especially loved the pink tiger lilies blossoming all together.

    How was this photographed over a two day stretch? That seems like a drastic claim.

  2. Beautiful. Reminds me of those dances the little kids do where they lie on the floor, then slowly lift their heads then stand and stretch upward to re-enact the awakening of the earth during springtime.

  3. ruth cohen

    my problem is leaving the garden alone to go and clean inside the house, i so much enjoy the plants and watching their progress and yes there is something in the air more than the normal. flowers are blooming like never before, i put a flower in the earth and within a short time it has taken and is standing up proud –
    ahh spring time,flowers,jerusalem. who could ask for anything more

  4. Just what I needed on this hectic pre-Pesach day.

    Let’s enjoy all the good Hashem bestows upon us.

    Thank you, Chana Jenny!

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