The Real Life Seven Dwarfs (8-Minute Barbara Walters Interview)

The Real Life Seven Dwarfs (8-Minute Barbara Walters Interview)

This week, 20/20 featured the world’s largest family of dwarfs, parents Trent and Amber of Georgia and their 5 children. I think it is SO inspiring to see this family that manages to maintain a positive outlook despite the extreme medical and social challenges they face constantly (as mother Amber explains, they reject the “woe-is-me” attitude. How I wish I could follow their example instead of bubbling over with resentment regarding my own relatively small challenges!) But the most moving part of this interview for me is when 4th grader Elizabeth explains how she responds to classmates who frequently tease and bully her. She tells them simply, “This is how God made me. This is how He loves me.” God bless this beautiful family! Click here to watch more videos of “Extreme Families” from this 20/20 episode. Thanks so much to Michigan JewishMOM Phyllis Meer for telling me about this incredible interview…
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  1. That’s so sweet. I had no idea “midget” was derogatory. I thought that was text book for that type of dwarfism. I thought “little people” was the silly euphemism. Good to know! I think it would be hard not to take gov’t assistance when your kids are always having surgeries, even if you consider your family able-bodied. It’s very admirable that they are careful to set a good example for their kids.

  2. Wow – this is so inspiring! What an amazing family

  3. Read about another INCREDIBLE family of dwarfs – the Ovitz family. They were specifically “saved” by Mengele, Ymach Shmo, for experiments.

    • The book is called “In Our Hearts We Were Giants” and it really is incredible.

  4. Thank you, Chana Jenny.
    Absolutely admirable and beautiful.
    I didn’t appreciate Barbara Walters saying, “Did you hear that, Mom and Dad? They want short chairs.” Wrong of her.
    But I am filled with respect for the parents.

  5. If only we could all be so “extreme”!
    Extremely grateful.
    Extremely resourceful.
    Extremely independent.
    Extremely loving.
    Extremely good educators.

    I am blown over by this family. I wouldn’t call them The 7 Dwarfs. They are larger-than-life, to me.

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