The Parent Manifesto (11-Minute TED Talk)

The Parent Manifesto (11-Minute TED Talk)

In this TED talk, Australian psychologist, author, and mom Jodie Benveniste lays out her personal mothering Wellbeing Manifesto. I had a few issues with her manifesto, for example with her statement “It’s not about having the best child, it’s about helping children enjoy the best in life.” While I also strive to raise my children to “enjoy the best in life,” as a JewishMOM I would say, rather, that my ultimate parenting goal is “Not about having the best child, but rather to raise spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy children in order that they will be capable of fulfilling their G-d-given missions in life.” (I adopted this goal from my parenting teacher Dina Friedman).

But I am still posting this video, since I love Benveniste’s overall positive view of motherhood and the great value she places on mothering confidence and happiness. I also loved 3 of her manifesto statements which I think are worthy of becoming what my teacher, Rabbi Nivin, calls “Refrigerator Torah”–a statement so true and important that it is worthy of a place of honor on my fridge so that I will be reminded of it several times a day. And here they are:
**”My children transform me. They test me and force me to become a better person. I’m up for the challenge!”
**”There is no one right way to parent. Only my way done with confidence, love, and care.”
**”I am a guardian of the next generation, and I feel privileged to be.”
and I also loved her awesome idea that each of us should come up with our own personal mothering Wellbeing Manifesto.


  1. Pshhhhhh yeshar koach!!!

  2. not a specific comment related to above but thought you would appreciate the article: really nice parenting article.

  3. Thank you for your blog post about my TED talk. It is great getting feedback. Much appreciated!

  4. awesome video, just what I needed! Going to spread this around to my friends:)

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