Mazal Tov, Tsofia!

Mazal Tov, Tsofia!

Mazal tov to my daughter Tsofia Bat Tsion, who was born exactly 2 years ago yesterday…

I wanted to share with you JewishMOMs the inspiring thought from my teacher Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi that inspired Tsofia’s name…

Rabbanit Yemima taught:

The Sefat Emet teaches a huge secret from the Woman of Valour: Tsofia—Halichot Bayta (“She oversees the ways of her home” or literally “She looks forward with expectation—the steps of her house.”)

Does it seem to you that your home stands still without movement? A home is actually a dynamic place, walking and moving.

So how do you cause your home to be a place that moves with love and joy? Here is the key word to accomplish that goal: Tsofia, to look forward with expectation.

The Sefat Emet says: In the morning, when you wake up, express out loud your hopeful expectations for the day…

“Today is going to be an amazing day, IY”H”

“Today I’m going to be full of love for eeeeverybody.”

“Today Hashem is going to shine His face upon me.”

Tsofia—halichot bayta. She looks forward with expectation—and her house moves in that direction.

Every day two voices awaken within you: the first is Avraham Avinu who says, “What a day full of kindness!” The second is Bilam who says, “What a stinking, cursed day!”

And the Sefat Emet teaches that every morning we must: “Remove ourselves from cursed to blessed.” Every day you need to move yourself from Bilam-ness to Avraham-ness. This morning, will you give Bilam the birthright, and see your home through narrowed eyes? “The whole vacation they are hungry! ‘Mommy, a treat! Mommy, a salad! Mommy, a peeled apple!’ ‘Enough, get out my face already…'”

Or will you nourish and shower your family members your goodness?

You don’t know how much power positive speech has in the morning to lift everything up. In the morning, wake up with “Tsofia” on your lips. Arise and bless your day.

Our daughter’s second name is Bat-Tsion, which means Daughter of Zion. So our daughter’s full name Tsofia Bat-Tsion is meant as a message of encouragement to every single Jewish woman and JewishMOM. Her name means: “I was born on the 17 of Tammuz, that’s the beginning of a very sad period for the Jewish people. But have hope JewishMOM! Wake up with Tsofia on your lips, and Hashem will send you and all of the Jewish people infinite blessings…


  1. What a beautiful sentiment. Do you have the link to Rabbanit Yemima’s classes. I thought I remember that you had given that out. Please let me know.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, it does take effort to be positive everyday, but it is so worth it!

  3. Wow!, how meaningful is her name, and beautiful, I might add..and she was born on yemimas birthday, so thats a double wow! I heared this shiur before but the fact that you gave yourself a daily reminder by naming your daughter after this Godly concept makes it even more inspiring to me as a weekly reader! mazal tov, ad 120 shnot briyut, good health, and happiness!

  4. I LOVE THIS! Thank you for sharing with us.

    Mazal Tov on her birthday. May she grow up reaching for the stars and fulfilling her unique mission in the world.

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