About the Conference I Attended this Week…

About the Conference I Attended this Week…

Every July I go away for 2 days to the Binyan Shalem Women’s Conference…Even though this conference takes place a 5 minute drive from my home, for the past few years I’ve stayed overnight at an inexpensive hotel in order to make attending the conference into a real vacation for myself. And it’s one of the funnest things I do all year.

I love the inspirational classes on motherhood and marriage and women’s health, and the complete break from my 363-days-a-year JewishMOM reality, and the hours of leisure time to read and to check out the newest books and products available for religious mothers at the conference’s sale. I highly recommend that every JewishMOM reading this will also find a way to take an annual vacation…it’s a great opportunity to nurture yourself with some real relaxation and fun and a total break from your regular mommying life in order come back to your family recharged.

IY”H, over the coming week, I plan to be writing up posts about some of the eye-opening classes I attended and some other new resources for JewishMOMs that I learned about at the conference…


  1. I too was there at my yearly vacation. I love it and keep trying to persuade friends how much we all need this. One of my favorite things at Binyan Shalem is the feeling that the Shechinah is there with you. It is such an amazing feeling to be learning with thousands of women. So sad it is already over, but the inspiration stays for a long time 🙂

  2. Wow, I didnt hear or see any ads for it, maybe next time post us an invite so we can all try to go!

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