Injured Olympian Finishes Race with Dad (4-Minute Moving Video)

Injured Olympian Finishes Race with Dad (4-Minute Moving Video)

Oy, this video is keeping kleenex in business. It’s makes me cry because it reminds me of the times my parents have loyally stood by my side to lift me up when I was feeling hopeless and lost. And it’s also a powerful pre-Rosh Hashana reminder that Hashem is always there to lift us up, even when we are limping and broken, across the finish line. Thanks so much to JewishMOM Rachel Horan for sending me this moving video.



  1. that was exquisite. thank you so much for posting this beautiful video reminder of Hashem’s sometimes hidden hand on our shoulder…keeping us going through our difficulties and challenges. i hope your new year is filled with revealed blessing, both spiritual and material, with connection to Hashem and His children and continued strength to inspire all of us in your blog audience. i eagerly anticipate and appreciate your posts. Gd Bless.

  2. Mirele Rosenberger

    Oh, Hashem! I needed to see that! Thank you for posting such an incredible story and message to all mankind. May we see the complete and final Redemption now!

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