Unjustified: Shalom Rubashkin and America’s Justice System (10-Minute Important Video)

Unjustified: Shalom Rubashkin and America’s Justice System (10-Minute Important Video)

6 former US Attorney Generals have already condemned the disproportionate harshness of the Shalom Rubashkin verdict. Now is Shalom Rubashkin’s final chance for justice– to have his appeal heard by the Supreme Court. Forward this powerful video “Unjustified: The Unchecked Power of America’s Justice System” and sign this petition so that the Supreme Court will accept the Rubashkin appeal.



  1. @ minute 7:20 she is so right! This happens all the time. Corruption runs throughout our government and judicial system like a hot plague.
    You might want to read this at USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2012-03-01/buying-prisons-require-high-occupancy/53402894/1
    Private prisons are cropping up all across the states which will guarantee the private prison, a 90% prison population. It’s a recipe for corruption from the top down! Judges are bought and sold and the same goes for kept juries. We have the largest prison population of any nation on the globe and we should ask ourselves why this is…who is profiting etc, so we can get at the root cause and attempt as a nation to dig it out so that we may have justice which is never given, but demanded.

  2. Sholom Mordechai halevi ben Rivkah deserves to LIVE FREE
    this is unforgivable travesty of justice
    Linda Reade and all the rest of them will have their judgement day, I don’t doubt that
    but in the meantime, why must an innocent man suffer? and his family? it is WRONG WRONG WRONG
    Hashem please help Sholom Mordechai halevi ben Rivkah
    Jewishmoms please add him to your lichtbentchen davening list
    if this sentence is upheld and the Supreme Court refuses to hear the case, it is unbearable disgusting unforgettable stain on United State judicial system
    this is olam hasheker for real

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