2 Ways to Support our IDF Soldiers

2 Ways to Support our IDF Soldiers

I’m sure that this week all of us JewishMOMs are thinking about our holy soldiers on the Gaza border, and praying for their safety. Here’s two great programs to show the soldiers that Jews around the world are thinking about them:

Shmira Project: This grassroots program pairs individual Jews worldwide with an Israeli soldier or resident of the South who is in danger. Through performing acts of kindness, praying and learning Torah in their name, you can add to the spiritual merit and protection to that soldier or resident in danger. It’s simple, it’s one on one and it’s powerful.

IDF Pizza: Since 2008 IDF-PIZZA has supported the IDF soldiers by distributing yummy gift packages, showing them that there are those who care for them all around the world.

Here’s a video of IDF Pizza delivering pizzas to soldiers on the Gaza border

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  1. Nice idea, but I worry about the safety of the delivery driver…. Seeing the video also underlines how young these soldiers are…just a few years away from school-age pizza parties…only on the border with Gaza…awaiting a possible ground incursion. Surreal.

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