Ruchama ben Yosef: Singing My Way Through Infertility

Ruchama ben Yosef: Singing My Way Through Infertility

Before you read any further, you must listen to this serious WOW of a song by JewishMOM Ruchama ben Yosef (the words are the same ones that Chana sang when she was blessed with a child named Shmuel after 19 years of infertility and hardship…)

Now read what inspired it…

When Ruchama ben Yosef, the oldest of 11 children, got married at the age of 19, it did not even occur to her that she might be infertile. But less than a year after she married, she was told by doctors that she would be unable to conceive without medical intervention.

Ruchama told Dikla Gal-Ed of Hallel Magazine, “I was 21 years old, only married for a year and a half, but that feminine place, deep there within my womb, awoke when I married and [even more] with the knowledge that something was wrong. There are women who are married ten years and the desire for a child doesn’t awaken within them. For every woman, this desire awakens at a different point of their lives, but for me this happened early on… And then I had to go through the very unpleasant part of testing and locating the problem….”

In a diary Ruchama kept during that period in which she described the pain she endured throughout the testing and fertility treatments, one day she wrote, “I am full of holes. I am dripping from all of these holes.”…

“There were difficult painful moments,” Ruchama says, “But I went to the treatments with joy. I knew that in the end they would bring me a child. Therefore, I decided I would simply be happy about it. I understood that my child would have a great soul, and therefore many people had to help to bring him into the world, and that made me happy….”

When, after five and half years of marriage, Ruchama heard from a nurse that her third IVF treatment had been successful, she remembers, “My whole body started shaking. I started crying hysterically and I passed the phone over to my husband. That was a moment that I will never forget for my whole life.”

Ruchama with her son Eli'oz who will be turning 2 this Chanukah. Mazal tov!

In addition to keeping a diary, through the years of treatments, and then during her subsequent pregnancy and following her birth to her son Eli’oz, Ruchama wrote songs about what she was experiencing. Amazing, moving, gorgeous, from-the-heart songs which she compiled into the new CD “Yiyhe lach Od” (You will have more.)

Click here to listen to more songs from Ruchama’s CD

To order the CD or to invite Ruchama to come perform in your community (she is currently scheduling a concert tour in North America) please email

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  1. I want to buy this CD but can’t seem to get in touch with anyone selling them.

  2. Please can anyone write Chana’s words for me using English alphabet. I want to sing along and pray along for a baby.

    • Ziesel Miriam

      Alatz libi b’H
      Rama karni b’H
      Rachav pi al oyvai
      Ki samachti b’yeshuatecha

      Ein kadosh k’H
      Ki ein, ki ein biltecha
      Ein kadosh k’H
      v’ein tzur k’elokeinu

      H’ mamit um’chayeh
      Morid Shaul v’Yael
      H’ Morish uma’ashir
      Mashpil af m’romem

      Ein kadosh…

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