Bereaved 58-Year-Old Mother has Twin Girls

Bereaved 58-Year-Old Mother has Twin Girls

This past Friday the Riven family of Haifa will mark the 2nd yahrzeit of their only child, Elad, the heroic 16-year old volunteer fireman who died fighting the catastrophic Carmel Fire that ravaged the north of Israel in 2010.

Elad’s friends remember him as the kind of person who was always the first to lend a hand when help was needed. Elad’s good friend, Bar Ashkenazi, told Yediot Achronot that when the fire broke out, “We were in the middle of a class. Elad received a phone call, and requested to leave the class for a moment, and when he came back he told us that there was a big fire and he was going to help. When he left, all of us said “good bye” and “good luck” but we didn’t dream that we would never see him again.”

16-year old Volunteer Fireman Elad Riven z"l who died fighting the Carmel fire

Elad rushed to call his mother, and asked her to bring him his volunteer’s uniform. He dressed quickly and rushed to join the staff of fire fighters who had arrived from Afula. Soon afterwards, he entered the fire and was killed.

Elad’s parents Tsvia, a doctor, and Emile, an employee of the Technion University, were devastated by their son’s sudden and tragic death.

B”H, this past Friday Tsvia (58) became a mother yet again through a surrogate pregnancy to twin girls named Liel and Liad.

Merav Levy, the director of the Israeli Center for Surrogacy reported to Walla that Tsvia Riven was present at the birth of the twins this past Friday night. She explained, “The surrogate mother knew of the Rivens’ tragedy before she met the couple, and she felt very connected with their story. Their tragedy pained and moved her very much.”

New mother Tsvia told Yediot Achronot, “I am very excited and have been flooded with phone calls.”

Mazal tov!

Based on the article that appeared today in Yediot Achronot by Lior El Chai, Goel Bano, and Yaron Kelner

Please note: Having a baby through a surrogate mother presents many difficulties in terms of Jewish law. For assistance in halachically having a child through surrogacy, please contact the Puah Institute.

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