The Economist: Israel’s One of the Best Countries to be Born

The Economist: Israel’s One of the Best Countries to be Born

According to the Economist, today Israel is one of the best countries in the world to be born.

The Economist researched which countries give children the best chance to live “a healthy, safe and prosperous life” by calculating how many people report that they are happy in each country and based on a list of factors affecting happiness such as wealth, personal safety, and health. And the conclusion? The two best countries to be born are Switzerland (#1) and Australia (#2). And little war-plagued Israel, despite its security and demographic problems, ranked a respectable 20th place, bypassing most of the European countries.

Here’s a few countries and how they ranked:
1 Switzerland
2 Australia
20 Israel
26 Great Britain
27 France
28 Spain
30 Portugal
34 Greece
37 Brazil
49 China
66 India
72 Russia
80 Nigeria

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  1. I notice that Vienna is not on the list and I can’t say that I’m surprised.There was an article in a paper yesterday stating that Vienna was the best city to live in…how wrong could they be when there is a terrible case taking place at the moment with the Shlessinger twins who have unjustifiably been taken away from their mother. Look at this link

    Something like this would never happen in Israel and i agree with what the article says!

  2. where is are the US and Canada on this list?

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