Colonel Dror Weinberg z”l’s Son Appointed to Command Father’s Unit

Colonel Dror Weinberg z”l’s Son Appointed to Command Father’s Unit

I remember the very sad day during the 2nd Intifada when I heard that legendary Colonel Dror Weinberg had been murdered leaving behind 5 young children and a pregnant wife, so I was so moved to see this week that Weinberg’s oldest son has grown up to follow in his father’s illustrious footsteps. Make sure to watch some of the video below in which Weinberg’s children talk about their father z”l.

This post is based on the Maariv article “Continuing his Father’s Path” By Achikam Moshe David

This week, 10 years after a terrorist murdered the legendary IDF Colonel Dror Weinberg during the 2nd Intifada, his oldest son Yoav followed in his father’s footsteps by taking over the same position as his late father—as commander of the elite, secretive Maglan unit. Dror Weinberg was the most senior IDF officer to be killed during the most recent Intifada, and he is still revered as a person who combined heroism and love of Israel with profound faith and religious belief as described in his popular biography “UKratem Dror.”

Yoav, Dror’s oldest son, was 15 years old when his father was killed. From early childhood he dreamed of following in his father’s path as a soldier. At the age of 22, after he finished his studies at the Ayelet HaShachar Yeshiva in Eilat, Yoav joined the army and was accepted by the unit with which his father was so identified- Maglan. Like his father, young Weinberg stood out as one of the unit’s outstanding soldiers.

Yoav is married with 3 children, the youngest of whom was born this summer when he was completing the commander’s training course.

An IDF source told Maariv, “Weinberg is a legendary name in Maglan and in the entire IDF, and Yoav is continuing his father’s path, not only in their similar physical appearance, but also in his military approach, in his leadership, and through the high values that both of them possess. I believe that Yoav will go very far in the IDF.”

Yoav entered his new position the same week that the army set up a memorial in his father’s honor to mark the 10 year anniversary of his murder.


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