Beating the Class Queen

Beating the Class Queen

The following is based on a true story told by Rabbi Dr. Jerry Lob. It reminds how we can beat bullies by raising children who refuse to be silent bystanders and how each and every one of us is a small candle who can light up great darkness.

The 7th grade class queen had targeted Ahuva.

The class queen, whose name was Rivki, forbade all the girls in her class from speaking with her. And she told Ahuva over and over that she was ugly, fat, stupid, and that the entire class absolutely hated her.

After several years of being ostracized, Ahuva decided that since she was ugly, fat, stupid, and hated by all of her classmates, she really had no reason to live. She researched online how to commit suicide, and started stockpiling pills.

But a few days before the day that was supposed to be the last day of her life, Ahuva received a surprising phone call.

“Hell, this is Shira from your class…I just wanted to tell you that everything Rivki is saying about you is lies, and we all know it. We all actually like you! You’re a nice girl, you’re talented and smart. But we are all terrified of what Rivki will do to us if we speak with you. If you promise not to tell Rivki, and it’s OK with you, I would like to call you in the evenings to say “Hello.”

Ahuva agreed, and Rivki continued calling her several nights a week. And she never knew that her small act of kindness had saved a girl’s life.

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