My Favorite Chanukah Song (1-Minute Sweet Video)

My Favorite Chanukah Song (1-Minute Sweet Video)

Tonight we were sitting around singing songs after candle-lighting when I suggested that we should sing “that beautiful song, Banu Chosech Legaresh.” My 12-year-old, Hallel, looked at me like I would have looked at my mom if she had instructed me to stop playing Beethoven and to chirp Yankee Doodle instead. “No eema, not that song! Let’s sing a PRETTY song!” But my 14-year-old Hadas came to my defense, and said, “This IS a pretty song. Just because we sang it in nursery school doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful.” And Hadas recited the words:

We have come to drive away the darkness, in our hands is light and fire.
Each of us is a small light and all of us together– a great light!
Darkness go away, blackness disappear. Go away from the light!

And Hallel, who has been hearing this song for about as long as she has been eating solids, actually heard the words for the first time in her life. And she agreed that that should be the next song we sing.

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  1. It’s my favorite too. 🙂

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