To Be or Not to Be Religious (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

To Be or Not to Be Religious (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Rabbi Yitzchak Zilber risked his life to live a religious life under Stalin. Would I?



  1. Tamar Miller

    Wow Jenny, I was very intrigued to listen to this peptalk b/c i’m in the middle of also reading a similar book that my teacher lent me called “Voices in the Silence” by Rav Shlomo Zalman Sonnenfeld. it is an amazing story of how a daughter and her 2 parents- the Miesliks lived under the oppresive Communist regime. i am so amazed like you are how these pious Jews were willing to risk their life for the sake of doing another mitzvah. they built a mikvah in Kiev under their dining table. life then was so dreary- they had nothing to eat. and yet every Shabbos they managed to make a pot of cholent not just for the 3 of them but for all the guests that would come. their mesiros nefesh was unbelievable. hard to believe that it was not so long ago and yet our lives as Jews have changed so drastically.

  2. KOl hakavod to you for helping us remember always HOW MUCH we already give, and how GOOD we already are. so important to remember! THANK YOU!

  3. Another wonderful book with a similar theme is Deep in the Russian Night.

  4. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing! Especially today when keeping halacha is FREE- good reminder to take halacha details seriously.

    There was a whole Lubavitcher community that also remained steadfast in their faith and service of Hashem- I have a whole new respect.

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