Why Electric Drilling is Thrilling (11-Minute Mommy Peptalk Video)

Why Electric Drilling is Thrilling (11-Minute Mommy Peptalk Video)

I thought I could never use an electric drill, until I did…Inspirational thoughts on overcoming self-stunting labels in order to achieve your dreams.



  1. i used to be be scared of electric drills and electric saws. then i used them out of necessity and have been “electrified” ever since…
    seriously, we don’t know what we can achieve as long as we keep telling ourselves “i can”t. it is better to say “i choose not to”. that leaves the door open for the time when one day we will choose to try…

    it’s the best advice i can give anyone for raising competent, confident, and purposeful children. teach them to say “i choose not to” instead of “i can’t”. that leaves them open to: “one day i will choose to try”.

  2. I recently started working on a project which is “so not me” I keep saying, why am I doing this? this is so not me. Its interesting, I like it but so not me.

    SO hearing that YOU at one point not too long ago thought that you are not really a writer type of person (because I think of you as precisely that, a writer type of person) is so eye opening and inspiring.

    Thank you for a mommy peptalk that I really needed to hear!

  3. Thank you for a great talk! Made me smile and made me think 🙂

  4. best encouragement I ever heard! thank you

  5. B”H

    Thanks for this inspiring pep-talk! I just taught this poem to one of my classes this week, and thought it connected well to the message of your pep-talk:

    Speech to the Young: Speech to the Progress-Toward by Gwendolyn Brooks

    Say to them,
    say to the down-keepers,
    the sun-slappers,
    the self-soilers,
    the harmony-hushers,
    “Even if you are not ready for day
    it cannot always be night.”
    You will be right.
    For that is the hard home-run.

    Live not for battles won.
    Live not for the end-of-the-song.
    Live in the along.

  6. Beautiful talk. We can achieve way beyond our expectations. I think it is great for your daughters to hear how excited you are to have accomplished the ‘drilly’ thing. Boys can be encouraged to bake and cook, too. My boys learned how to do laundry since they were going to be responsible for their own clothes while away at yeshiva. All skills can help kids become contributing adults and the gemorah even says that a person should teach their child to swim. We need to be safe and functional in many ways. And while we are still alive it means we can still grow so keep on learning and trying. thanks for the brochos.

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