The Crazy Chassid (9-Minute Mommy Peptalk Video)

The Crazy Chassid (9-Minute Mommy Peptalk Video)

What a crazy Chassid taught me about fixing this broken world.



  1. Jenny I love your talks. Where is this hardware store?

    • I actually wanted to give them a big plug- r. yafo 68, called something like “l’bayit, kol bo tambor”

  2. Debra Alvo

    Maybe he’s not actually a “Crazy chassid” at all, but rather a very ”clever chassid,” who put the paper in his lips to help him refrain from being the “loud lawyer.” (and we don’t know in fact what that mans vocation was)
    I feel strongly that with all the name calling in the world, it’s vital we don’t label people, and especially wrong labels. Words are powerful, let’s use them for good so your message remains a positive one.
    Chag kasher Pesach!

    • Debra Alvo

      PS I do realize this was posted years ago, but my message is even more timely today.

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