5 Women say “Thank You, Rabbi Nivin!” (4-Minute Inspiring Video)

5 Women say “Thank You, Rabbi Nivin!” (4-Minute Inspiring Video)

Why are so many women (including me) so incredibly enthusiastic about Rabbi Nivin’s Personal Development Chabura? Watch this video to hear 5 women (again, including me) talking about the huge contribution the chabura has made to our lives.

Next week, a new Personal Development Chabura will be starting up. And great news, JewishMOMs…the 1st three sessions are a no-commitment free trial! And on top of that, as a special offer for JewishMOM.com readers: all JewishMOM.com readers who participate in this free 3-week trial will automatically enter the raffle to win a free 12-week session (a prize worth $150. You can learn more about Rabbi Nivin and his Personal Development Program at his website

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  1. Thanks for posting this video! I signed up for the free 3-week trial and this made me even more excited abt it! I’m really looking forward!

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