Israel’s Best Election Speech

Israel’s Best Election Speech

I found this speech about Jewish unity and pride by Naftali Bennett, the new leader of the Bayit Hayehudi party, to be extremely moving and powerful. And I guess with 70,000 views so far,a lot of people out there have been feeling the same way. Only 10 days to go until the elections…Translation below.
(Speech starts at 00:40)


My brothers and sisters.

In July 2006, after Israeli soldiers were kidnapped on the Lebanese border, the second Lebanese War broke out. I was drafted to command a unit in the Western district of Southern Lebanon.

Together with thousands of fighters I left the war extremely worried.

Despite what they say, the problem during that war wasn’t a lack of equipment, or poor strategy, but rather in fighting spirit– not among the soldiers but rather among Israel’s leaders. I felt that they were stopping us, not letting us win. And this happened again during the Molten Lead Operation of 2009. And now, yet again, during the Pillar of Defense operation which ended in a tie. A tie with the Hamas.

Something in our spirit has cracked.

You know, once they would say on the radio, “All of our soldiers have return safely.” “All of our pilots have returned safely.” But they stopped saying that a long time ago. Now they say, “The soldiers of the IDF…the soldiers of Lebanon…The soldiers of Egypt.” As though we are in the United Nations. As though they are not OUR soldiers.

But we are not from the UN. I am not objective. I am for Israel!

Once we were raised on stories of Jewish heroism. Once we said that we love the country without being embarrassed.
I want every child in Israel, secular and religious, to know who Moses was, and who the Rambam was, and Yoni Netanyahu, and Chana Senesh, and Shai Agnon. That every child will know how to read the Bible, and know what kiddush is.

Look, there are many things that need to be improved in this country. But we’ll be able to solve all of these things only if we remove the divisions between us. Let’s stop the discourse of hatred between religious and secular and Charedi Jews. Between right and left. Between us and anybody who is a little bit different from us.

I love the people of Israel “Am Yisrael”
I love the Land of Israel.
I love the Torah of Israel.
I love the Israeli Defense Forces.
I love our soldiers.


  1. Israeli here by chance

    Just a small correction – in the end he says:

    I love the people of Israel “Am Yisrael”
    I love the land of Israel
    I love the Torah of Israel

    I know that many times the word Yisrael when it speeks about the people/nation it’s tranlated to English as “jewish”. But I think it’s better to give the literal translation so that you know what we Israelis hear.

  2. It is a departure from your usual home centered information but this political speech is heart warming. Even though here in the USA we are not voting (since we aren’t citizens) we still care about the election results. We all need a return to solid Torah values in the government.

    • I guess since his party is called “the Jewish Home” he qualifies for a mention on JewishMom…

  3. I agree with Hadassah, so many of the parties are involved in dire prophecies and attacking other parties. The Jewish Home party has a very simple message that rings true with many of us. Be proud of Israel and proud of our Jewish Heritage. I hope that this party will bring Torah values to many spheres of life in Israel and let the Religious Zionist movement bring values back. There are so many people all across Israel that have been trying to do so on a microcosm (see an example here but its time to move onto a national scale!

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