Charity Saves from Death: A Nachlaot Miracle

Charity Saves from Death: A Nachlaot Miracle

Since my dear friend Hagit bat Leah passed away two years ago today, I’ve heard her speaking to me on two occasions

No, I’m not a person who regularly talks with dead people. And I really have no idea whether I really heard Hagit’s voice or whether I just have an overactive imagination.

But, in any case, this is what I heard her voice telling me…

On the day she died, broken and sobbing, I prayed at the grave of the Gerrer Rebbe on the other side of the shuk, and I heard Hagit telling me, “Jenny, don’t cry! Don’t cry! Hashem knows what He is doing! Everything’s going to be OK with Eitan and the kids. You’ll see!”

And last year, on Hagit’s first yahrzeit, I was resting on my living room sofa when I heard Hagit’s voice again. She mentioned 2 of the Nachlaot pedophiles who hurt many neighborhood children, and she was yelling hysterically over and over again, “I will take revenge on them! I will take revenge on them!”

Again, I might have been imagining things. But even if this was just my imagination, it still managed to shake me up big time.

So last night, I was bracing myself for this year’s message (real or imagined) from Hagit.

And then, this morning, it came. But not in the way I was used to.

This morning at 8 AM, I was listening to the morning news when I heard the following: “At 1 AM this morning, a fire broke out in a 3-floor residential building in Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighborhood. All residents including a family with 5 children were safely evacuated from building. The Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the fire.”

The news report mentioned the name of the street, and I tried to figure out which family with 5 children lives on that street…

Oh no! It’s was the Berdugo* (not their real name) family! Mrs. Berdugo gave birth to a baby boy only two weeks ago and has 4 additional children under school age. How terrible…

I called a neighborhood rebbetzin who is close with the Berdugos, and told her that she should give them a call to make sure they are OK.

A few minutes later the rebbetzin called me back. Mrs. Berdugo told her that at 1 AM their upstairs neighbor woke them up to tell them that fire was spreading and smoke was filling up the building. He told them to flee the building immediately.

“After we ran out,” Mrs. Berdugo explained, “a great deal of smoke entered our apartment. B”H, it was a great miracle that we were saved from the fire…Our lives were, God forbid, in great danger.”

After I hung up the phone I remembered a conversation I had this past summer with Mrs. Berdugo.

After Hagit passed away, the Berdugos committed to making a generous monthly donation to help support her orphans.

And this past summer, she asked whether the monthly donations were continuing to be taken out of her bank account.
I was afraid that she was asking since she wanted to cancel her monthly donations like almost all of the original donors did when Hagit’s 1st yahrzeit arrived.

But Mrs. Berdugo suprised me. She said, “Good, I definitely want to continue with our monthly donations to help this needy family. I just wanted to make sure they are continuing to receive money from us.”

And while Hagit hasn’t spoken with me this yahrzeit, I guess she has found her own way to say “Thank you.”

To say “Mrs. Berdugo, you are taking care of my 5 children, and in return, I will ask Hashem to take care of yours.”

Hagit bat Leah z”l Orphans Fund

Hillel Rudich z”l Orphans Fund

100% Chesed: Providing Milk for Jerusalem’s Needy Families


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  1. I believe you in the fact that you heard her voice.

    When I had my first daughter, I named her after my grandmother. While I was resting in the first few days, I heard my grandmother say, “First of all, mazel tov…” I flew awake and missed out on the rest.

    Since then, she’s come to me in dreams, especially near a birth or miscarriage.

    One time when I was pregnant (which resulted in a miscarriage), I had a dream that my grandmother was walking towards me, holding my oldest daughter’s hand. I was so excited to see her and to see that she met her namesake. I said, “Thank you for returning her! Since you’re here, can you tell me about this next baby that I’m having?” She started talking and talking, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. I woke up thinking that I was just not meant to know what was going to be.

    After the miscarriage, I remembered this dream. I was shaken up with the thought that maybe G-d forbid, something was supposed to happen to my oldest daughter, and instead, she got returned to me and the baby got taken instead.

    Anyway, my point is – people that we think about often, definitely come to us to tell us things.

  2. That was so beautiful, Thank you!

  3. shalom jenny
    thank god that someone is screaming to stop the pedophiles. at least that as its so hard to get the living to actually do something. sigh.

    about the dead speaking. without going into the details about this story, it happened to me not long ago. i woke up screaming shmuel the dead are talking to me. very clear message. also associated with the perverts but not the normal way.

    the person who had to get the message of the dream was given a note by me saying i had the dream and if she wants to hear it to come to me. it backfired on me with yet a few more enemies under my belt.

    not everyone wants to hear the message just be aware of that fact. so if you get a message and receive it in the way its meant that is also something important.

    some people dont hear others when they are alive. they will not hear them when they are in the grave, not to correct their sins and not to ease the person either. believe me. that is exactly what happened here.

    next time hagit sends you a message, jenny, tell her from me, and you that we are not finished with this war and will not finish until the shameful scandal is over, the perverts are gone.

    last night on my way to a singing party , walked past the house of the dead pervert . did you know that no one will live there. its got such a bad name. people who go to look at the place feel its too creepy??well its being torn down and the sight made me happy. tear down the evil ones. yes.

    just think how many less perverts there are here now, 2 are dead, one fled to usa, others in jail, others now powerless with exposure, they dont rule outside our front door anymore.or be here every single day.

    yes its taking far too long but there is a difference. not enough.not enough.

    purim so lets be happy and slay the monsters with our joy.

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