Am I Nothing More than a Cleaning Lady? (8-Minute Mommy Peptalk Video)

Am I Nothing More than a Cleaning Lady? (8-Minute Mommy Peptalk Video)

A JewishMOM cleans and organizes and cooks, especially before Pesach. AND she also has an earthshaking spiritual impact on her family as well.


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  1. You are completely correct when you say that “just by being there” we are accomplishing so much in raising our children. But don’t underestimate the value of our “plain old boring” cleaning, cooking and laundry. Our homes are compared to the Bais Hamikdash, and our work to that of the kohanim’s daily avodah in the Bais Hamikdash. To quote a speaker I heard recently, if we would have peeked into the Bais Hamikdash on a typical day, we would have seen the jkohanim up to there knees in blood, doing what seemed like the dirtiest work, and thinking, “these people can’t possibly be the holy Kohanim”m but yes, they were, and they were doing holy work, even though it didn’t look too clean or holy. Just a little boost of self esteem, while we’re in the throes of dust and dirt, chametz and mess; yes, this is the holy work we are supposed to be doing.

  2. JewishMom

    very, very important reminder and point. thanks!

  3. I really enjoyed this talk. Both as a mother and a preschool teacher for 7 hours a day this is what we do… “Teach by example.” It is absorbed more than what we say or preach. Showing that we enjoy our preparations rather than stress over it gives more of a message than how elaborate what we make or cook. Keep up your great work.

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