Stencil Fun at the Weisbergs

Stencil Fun at the Weisbergs

Remember I wrote a few months back about my postpartum nesting instinct? Well, part of that involved painting lots of stencils with my 13-year-old Hallel (more like, I bought the stencils and paints, and she painted them…) Stencils are such a simple way to pretty-up any room, and make your house feel like your own. Try stencils, JewishMOM, they are beautiful and easy and make your heart feel happy every time you see them.

Noah's ark in Yoel's room

We put this above every door upstairs. It was a square and then Hallel cut it into a circle. This is my favorite!

In the girls' room...

Also in the girls' room

Also in the girls' room. Then again, maybe this one is my favorite?


  1. Did she actually paint directly on the wall? How does that work?

    • JewishMom

      it’s incredibly simple. You tape the stencil to the wall, and then paint on it, and remove the stencil.

  2. Keren Yekutiel

    Very nice! What kind of paint do you use for this?

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