A Neurosurgeon’s Journey to Heaven

A Neurosurgeon’s Journey to Heaven

I didn’t get much sleep on the flight back to Israel yesterday, since I was being blown away by the book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey to Heaven. This PHENOMENAL book, which describes the near-death experience of a former skeptic and faculty member at Harvard Medical School, has spent 35 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List.

For me, the most amazing thing about Proof of Heaven is how much of this book written by a (now religious) Christian strongly confirms the Jewish view of existence and the afterlife (as Orthodox rabbi, Rabbi Dr. Meir Sendor, says on the book’s inner cover, “Dr. Alexander’s experiences resonate remarkably with views of Heaven, the Afterlife, and the potential of consciousness in the Jewish mystical tradition. This book is a thunderbolt!”)

In other words, JewishMOM, JUDAISM IS TRUE!

G-d exists
G-d loves us.
G-d wants us to be good.
There is life after death.
Heaven exists.
Hell exists.*
Angels exist.
Prayer works.**

Here’s some excerpts from Dr. Alexander’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. Descriptions of each clip appear below the videos:

Dr. Eben Alexander’s Bumpy Road to Heaven

Dr. Eben Alexander says that when he woke up in the afterlife, there were no pearly gates or angels. Instead, he says, he had no memory of his life on earth and found himself in a dark place until a beautiful presence took him into another dimension. Watch as he describes his first memories of his near-death experience.

Dr. Eben Alexander’s Spirit Guide

After emerging from the dark place he first found himself in during his near-death experience, Dr. Eben Alexander says, a beautiful woman guided him into another dimension on the wing of a butterfly. Watch as he recalls the experience and shares the message this woman gave him that we can all take to heart.

Dr. Eben Alexander Shares What God Looks Like

Former skeptic Dr. Eben Alexander says he saw God during his near-death experience. Watch as he describes the experience—and reveals what God looks like.

Dr. Eben Alexander Addresses His Skeptics

Dr. Eben Alexander was a skeptic until his near-death experience made him a man of faith. After writing his book Proof of Heaven, he has received skepticism from others. Watch to see his message to them and to hear why he doesn’t believe his experience was caused by drugs given to him while he was in a coma.

*Alexander’s description of Hell: “…I wasn’t really part of this subterranean world at all, but trapped in it. Grotesque animal faces bubbled out of the muck, groaned or screeched, and then were gone again. I heard an occasional roar. Sometimes these roars changed to dim, rhythmic chants, chants that were both terrifying and weirdly familiar…The rythmic pounding off in the distance sharpened and intensified as well–and became the work-beat for some army of troll-like underground laborers, performing some endless, brutally monotonous task.”

** Alexander’s description of seeing the people who prayed for his recovery, “..As I descended [from Heaven] more faces bubbled out of the muck…But there was something different about the faces this time. They were human now, not animal. And they were very clearly saying things. Not that I could make out what they were saying. It was a bit like the old Charlie Brown cartoons, when the adults speak and all you hear are indecipherable sounds. Later, upon looking back on it, I realized I could actually identify six of the faces I saw [he saw the six people– five of whom had gathered by his bedside to pray for his recovery during the final hours of his coma– in addition to a sixth who had prayed for him in a different location.]


  1. There was recently an article in Ami magazine about others who have had these experiences. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. it is sad that just the other day i found two articles on regular news sites that gave “proof” that Dr Alexander’s experiences were fabricated, explained by certain brain-states of coma (or some other techno-gobbledy-gook word).
    the secular society and its anti-religious media are working hard to disprove this and any other account of the existence of G-d.
    so so sad!

    we know how frustrating it feels to create something and have someone else steal the credit. we can hardly imagine what G-d feels when the whole world He created simply denies His existence and role in its creation….

  3. There must always be free choice to believe, so when these things happen there must be an equally opposite and believable reaction. Hashems messenger was a neurologist, no less! So the resistance must be fierce.
    Is the book available in Israel yet?

    • JewishMom

      I’m sure it will be at Steimatsky’s soon, if not already. Though I noticed some free downloads online– just google “proof of heaven free download.”

      • gittl nadel-alpert

        about 52-3 years ago i was pronounced dead..heard the dr. tell my mom, heard him tell the nurse time of death,saw him, nurse, mom everything,he removed all the tubes etc. long story. at that time no one talked/published these FACTS, they were too bizarre and only the people involved bore witness..the poor dr. nearly had a heart attack when suddenly as he pulled the sheet over my face i gasped like coming up from the bottom of a pool. i heard and saw everything..the white light that’s now so familiar to people….the utter peace and serenity, the cessation of pain, the grief on mom’s face..the G-d “sence” to this day is as real as then,that i was given another chance…and I KNOW !!

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