No Pain, No Gain (6-Minute Mommy-Peptalk Video)

No Pain, No Gain (6-Minute Mommy-Peptalk Video)

If you’re huffing and puffing from life’s challenges, it’s a sign that you’re climbing higher and higher.


  1. thank you for your inspiration. We need to be reminded that Hashem is carrying us – keeping us right here wherever we are meant to be.

  2. That was especially heartwarming during Elul: I’ve been going through so many kapparot and tikkunim I’ve had to constantly remind myself that IT’S ALL GOOD. Even when I’m crying bitterly.
    Since I had three more children that I never thought if have I have been constantly pushed and pulled to my physical, spiritual and emotional limits. But whenever I’m about to say to myself ” I wish I hadn’t-” I realize suddenly that even with the hardships I would never regret it. I have become capable of so much more than I ever beloved possible: even when I’m totally lacking faith in myself I can still see that.
    Thanks for the words of wisdom: always with a smile!!

    • Sorry about all the typos.

    • a wise woman once said to me that at hard times it helps to imagine your child’s wedding album..imagine that gorgeous big family photo in 20 years IY”H:)

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