Israel as You’ve Never Seen it Before (4 Breathtaking Photos by Yaal Herman)

Israel as You’ve Never Seen it Before (4 Breathtaking Photos by Yaal Herman)

24 years ago, my husband was volunteering on the Shomer HaTsair Kibbutz HaZoreah the year before he started college. Every volunteer had a family that adopted them, and Josh became exceptionally close to his kibbutz family, and particularly to their 15-year-old son, Yaal. The years passed… Josh became religious. And then Yaal did too. Josh got married. And then Yaal did too, to a woman he met through our Shabbat table. Josh, by then a rabbi, performed their wedding. A few years ago Yaal convinced Josh that the time had come for me to upgrade from a lame-o self-made amateur WordPress blog to the gorgeous professional site you enjoy today. So if you like, thank Yaal Herman!

Yaal is a man of many talents, and among them he is a phenomenally gifted photographer. When I see his photos I feel like he what he accomplishes with his camera is almost not photography, it’s an art beyond photography that captures not just the object, but its spirit as well.

Congratulations to Yaal on the opening of his new gallery in the Chutzot Hayotser Artist Colony this month (right next to the new Park Teddy). You can also view his extraordinary photos at his website.

yaal emek-trees

yaal flowers

yaal kineret

yaal n4_1_jerusalem-snow-print-small

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  1. Yaal this is amazing news so happy for you!!!! Mazal tov!!!!

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