This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

I just started Chaya Hinda Allen’s life-altering Positive Thinking workshop. I’ve only heard one class so far, but already I feel like it’s enabling me to replace negative thoughts with positive and hopeful ones, which makes me feel less worried and more happy. Highly recommended! Here’s an intro of the course (this year it is being given over the course of 20 sessions)…Click here to learn more

Prince William’s 1st speech since becoming a father (he’s speaking in Wales, so the beginning is in Welsh)

For all women looking to improve their marriages, learn how to turn moments of frustration into opportunities for connection. Check out renowned lecturer Sara Yocheved Rigler’s free introductory Kesher Wife webinar….

A Year of Breastfeeding (NY Times) The longer a mother breast-feeds, the greater the benefit to the child’s brain development, a new study says.

Fertility Greater in Women with Children (NY Times)

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