This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

They showed this 2-minute Rosh Hashana video “The Chinese Bamboo” at the opening event for Yoel’s 1st grade. I LOVE THIS! I should watch this every single day, it reminds me that even though I’m making such slow progress in so many areas of life, that is still progress! And one day I’ll just pop up like a bamboo plant, IY”H!:)

A couple that was struggling with infertility b”H had a baby, and decided to give a generous donation to help other couples… Click here to learn about receiving an interest-free loan of up to $15,000 for Jewish couples in Southern California to pay for IVF

Statement from Yeshiva University President about new protocol regarding battling sexual abuse in the Orthodox community. B”H, slowly but surely, times they are a changin’…

40% of participants in an American study would save their dog’s life over a stranger’s life. Things are going really, really overboard in people’s relationship with pets… Dogs, Humans, and God by Dennis Prager

miracle foot

Beautiful song for Rosh Hashana: The King is in the Field, but Where am I? by Shalvi Weissman

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