How to be a Star this Rosh Hashana (9-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

How to be a Star this Rosh Hashana (9-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

What Hashem most wants this year from you and me.


  1. How important this is to keep in mind before Rosh Hashanah. My husband is close with R’ Tzvi Meir Zilverberg, who always says that we should be a “Haylegeh Shmattah” (directly translated as a Holy Rag/Shmattah). When someone hurts us, steps on us, betrays us…if we realize this is from Hashem directly to help better ourselves, then we are able to take it and rise above our own emotional negativity. He also says that just TRYING to accomplish this is such an important, holy thing…I often find that getting to the place of exorting effort is 1/2 the battle…

  2. Thanks – I needed to hear this! Please share any tips that you have on how to stay in the present, as this is a serious problem of mine, too.

    Shana Tova!

    • Try taking one minute and just looking around and enjoying what you see and hear. The flowers, the trees, the sun on your arms, the faces of your children. Notice how much more vivid the world is when you do this. I find that it gets easier to do this for longer periods of time as I work on it…

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