It’s All in Our Hands (3-Minute Viral Music Video)

It’s All in Our Hands (3-Minute Viral Music Video)

I had three of my babies at Shaare Zedek and have very warm feelings towards the place, which is one extra reason why I got such a kick out of this sweet new video from Shaare Zedek that has racked up close to a quarter of a million views on Youtube over the past month. A viral viral video (yes, I meant to write that twice, You’ll soon understand why.) And now, in honor of Global Washing Hands Day this week, here is the new version with English subtitles. Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve been there for births and lectures (not at the same time!) and always found them to be warm, down-to-earth, and highly professional. Way to go Shaare Tzedek!

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