This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

The first Chassidic woman in North American history was just elected to public office! A huge mazal tov to Vizhnitzer Chassid Mindy Pollak who was just elected to the Montreal city council with 32% of the vote (my brother-in-law Noah is one of Mindy’s proud new constituents).
Here’s a link to Mindy Pollak’s cooking blog:
mindy pollack

That Person…: The Secretary who is my Daughter’s Angel in her new Israeli School by Ima2Seven

Partly Jewish: Most children raised in interfaith families lack the tools and knowledge to make informed choices by (my dear friend and chavruta of SIX years) Sara Debbie Gutfreund

Enlightening and entertaining articles on home management by Frazzled to Focused author Rivka Caroline. Click here to download the first 30 pages of her book for free.


Loving Michael: After the divorce my son broke my heart. But to my surprise, it didn’t shatter by Nancy K. S. Hochman

Jewish Mothers: It’s Time to Break the Stereotype (2-Minute Lori Palatnik Video)

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