You’re Not Going to Believe Why I’m Gonna Be on TV (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

You’re Not Going to Believe Why I’m Gonna Be on TV (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

I thought I had come to an unusual restaurant– boy was I surprised when I found out what it REALLY was. Plus inspirational reflections on reincarnation and the limits of human knowledge.


  1. Wow, very funny! i am really looking forward to seeing this commercial!
    And I also liked the article by Sara Yocheved Riegler, i like how you tied it into this idea of not always being able to see the full picture.. i would also feel disoriented if this had happened to me, and it definitely is a reminder that we often do not know the reasons for many many things that happen to us in this world. Hashem is running the show, and He has all of our best interests in mind.

  2. Thanks. The message of “anava” of acknowledging what we don’t, and can’t’ know, is a good one for all of us all the time.

    As to reincarnation, while it is apparently ACCEPTABLE to believe that reincarnation exists, and is part of the way Hashem runs the world, it’s not clear to me that a faithful Jew must believe in it. From what I’ve read it is mostly part of the mystical and chassidic traditions and either ignored or rejected by others. Nor does believing in it at all give us room to say we understand how and when it works and which souls are on what journey…maybe we’d be better off applying the “we don’t know” principle more clearly to this area of our faith, and concentrating on the wonderful and important work of avodat Hashem and kiddush Hashem we all have to do, no matter where we came from.

    • It is one of our 13 principles of faith…

      • Can you provide a source for your statement? It does not appear in the list of the 13 principles of faith in any of our siddurim

  3. I was intrigued – trying to figure out this beet restaurant situation. I was thinking, “alright, it’s Israel, our Land, where anything is possible!” It was meant for you to have “turned aside” to notice the oddity of the beet restaurant. You were able to teach yourself and your readers an idea that is a difficult one; reincarnation, and make it real. Nothing in life is a coincidence! Looking forward to the YouTube video, can’t “beet” that!

  4. it isn’t actually one of the 13 principles of faith in their purest form, but it is a widely documented belief

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