Yossi Sarid’s Journey to Heaven

Yossi Sarid’s Journey to Heaven

Yossi Sarid, a vocal atheist and former head of Meretz, raised quite a few eyebrows this week when he told an Army Radio interviewer (in the Hebrew interview below) that he once died and experienced his soul rising up to Heaven.

Here’s a short excerpt from the interview:

Interviewer: Did anything ever happen to you that nobody believes really happened?
Yossi Sarid: Yes, so many things…But once, I died. Yes, I died. I already wasn’t in the world. And I was travelling with my whole family in our car, and I remember my children were miserable and sitting in the back, and crying for their father who had passed away.
I: I don’t believe you…
YS: No, this was a story that really took place. And nobody believes it happened to me.
I: No, I do believe you. But I have to understand what happened, you were in the car?
YS: Yes, we were travelling in the car, and suddenly I felt faint and I felt a huge wave of heat come over me, and I felt myself rising up, flying higher and higher. And I felt a very deep feeling of the soul leaving my body. And as my soul was flying, I looked down at the earth, and I saw my family was continuing to travel in the car because my wife wanted to get me to the hospital as quickly as possible…This is what happens, [when a person dies] the spirit separates from the body…The soul wants to get out, it wants to be set free, it also wants a bit of freedom, it wants to focus on other things, to be liberated from this internal prison…
I: I have to tell you that this conversation, and hearing these words from you, one of the most realistic and logical and cynical people I know towards discussions like this, and you are presenting this as a fact…
YS: …But I should clarify that I believe that this entire experience took place without Divine intervention from any Father in Heaven. I do not believe in the eternity of the spirit. That contradicts my ideology.
I: But the classic atheist doesn’t believe that the soul and the body are separate. He believes that the body and spirit are one and when the body dies, the spirit dies with it.
YS: And that’s what I believe as well.But what happened to me, it seems, does not correspond with my ideology.
I: Therefore, your testimony is the most convincing I’ve ever heard…


  1. I am confused. How can that happen to someone, and yet he remains an atheist?

    • Ya I was also confused when I read the transcript..doesn’t seem to make sense

      • it doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t make sense. He says that he holds an atheistic ideology, but his own experience contradicted his ideology. But he still holds it.

  2. And he isn’t even thankful that he didn’t actually die at that moment…..

  3. Salomon Mizrahi

    Surely Sarid is joking!
    He wanted to be interviewed, to appear in the media, that all!
    Never believe a communist!

  4. Miriam Samuels

    Can I have an English translation of the interview? I am especially eager to know what Yossi experienced because I have been following his articles for some time now. Thank you Miriam from Montreal.

  5. miriam Samuels

    I need to see a-translation of the hebrew video. Thanks, miriam

  6. miriam Samuels

    Is there an English tranlation ANYWHERE? miriam

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