This Week’s Best Videos, Links, and Photos

This Week’s Best Videos, Links, and Photos
"Hand of G-d" spotted by NASA space telescope

“Hand of G-d” spotted by NASA space telescope

Sign this petition to prevent convicted sexual offender, Moti Elon, from teaching boys at Yeshivat Ohr Etsion (where my husband was a student!)

Funny…Why Moses hit the rock (2-minute JEWBELLish video).

The hauntingly beautiful song my kids and I have been singing all week

In a hidden crevice among the rocks
a deer is drinking water
What do the deer and I have in common?
The cliffs are of my heart
The spring is of my life…
What is hidden…

The deer
What do we have in common?
It is my love.

בנקיק נסתר בצוקים
אילה שותה מים
מה לי ולה
אלא צוקי ליבי
אלא מעין חיי
אלא הנסתר
מה לי ולה
אלא אהבתי..


  1. Loved the song! Thanks so much – I tracked down the album online and listened to it while I cleared up my kitchen this morning…

  2. That Moshe video was laugh out loud funny! Oy, how we love to kvetch….

  3. Could you tell me who sings that song.and how to find the album online? Thanks

  4. Song is hauntingly beautiful. thanks!

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