I’m a Feminist, and That’s Why I Cover My Hair (2-Minute Awesome Video)

I’m a Feminist, and That’s Why I Cover My Hair (2-Minute Awesome Video)

What my Nachlaot buddy Chaya Lester responds when people can’t understand why she covers her hair…Go, Chaya, go!!


  1. That was interesting, inspiring and beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. That was absolutely fabulous – eloquent and funky and intelligent and beautiful and captivating. I can’t help but think that it would be more powerful if the beautiful-inside-and-out lady author would have a halachic neckline, just to complete the picture of a woman who truly is powered from the inside.

  3. Love this! I struggle so much with this, living in a community where very few women cover their hair. So inspiring.

  4. goldariella@gmail.com

    Dear Chaya,
    Where were you 35 years ago when i was getting married? Wow thank you for posting this.
    I was a beverly hills gal marrying a chassidic jew and the sheitels that were available at a reasonable price looked like mops. I would always find interesting ways to cover my hair with hats or scarves, but in my community the Sheitel was the most accepted and preferred way to cover my hair. I also liked having hair as well i felt more like myself and of course more feminine.
    So many people discuss the halachic reasons for hair covering without the essence of why a jewish Woman or Princess shall i say covers her hair and becomes a Queen.
    Thank You May you go from Strength to Strength

  5. Exceptional!! I want more!!

  6. I loved every word!!

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