Send Condolences to Michal and Shimon Gross

Send Condolences to Michal and Shimon Gross

Please write a short note so that Michal and Shimon Gross will be able to see that JewishMOMs from all over the world are thinking of them at this tragic time. The Grosses lost two daughters earlier this week and their two sons are currently fighting for their lives after being inadvertently poisoned by an exterminator’s pesticide. In your note, please DON’T FORGET TO MENTION WHERE YOU LIVE.


  1. Michal Gruenwald

    We are davening for you here in frankfurt, Germany.

    • Chaya Rivka Seidman

      Ha’makom yenahem etkhem betokh she’ar avelei Tziyonvi’Yerushalayim. Praying for the healing light of Hashem to continue bringing refuah, and the prayers of klal Yisroel to give you koach. Blessings from Yitzchok & Chaya Rivka Seidman, Brooklyn, New York.

  2. אני בוכה בכל ליבי על התינוקות שלכם
    מתפללת בשביל הבנים שלכם
    תנחמנו מין השמים
    אין מילים
    רק דמעות
    שה ׳ ירחם עליכם ועל הבנים שלכם

    פיטסבורג, פנסילבניה

  3. I have no words, only tears roll down my pained face…
    Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for your loss of your two sweet daughters and pray for the complete recovery of your two young sons. I pray Hashem bless you, your husband, family and friends to remain strong and be a comfort to one another.
    Refuot and Besurot tovot, soon!
    Dahlia (from Beit Shemesh, Israel)

  4. Mijal Kishinevsky

    I’m from Santiago Chile, and i can tell you, we are a small comunity, but our Tefilot are strong. We are all thinking and praying for your boys. May Hashem help them in Refuá shlemá.

  5. My entire family is praying for the immediate and complete recovery of your boys. Our hearts break for you over the loss of your two little girls. May their memory always be a blessing and may your family know no more sorrow. Hashem, hear our prayers and restore these boys in full health to their loving family.

    Massachusetts, USA

  6. I can’t find the right words to say…. I can’t even think of what you are going through…. I only can say that we are all davening for you, we are all suffering with you and thinking about you all the time.

    May Hashem give you nechama, koach, and a complete refuah for your boys, really really fast!!!!!

    Yael from Jerusalem

  7. Beverly Kaplinsky

    Dearest Gross Family,

    My heart has been aching beyond words since we got word of the tremendous loss and tests your family has been facing. We have been storming the Heavens– davening, saying tehillim, and working on ourselves in the merit of a complete and perfect refuah for your boys, and for whatever comfort possible for you. Please know you are not alone, that your loss is our loss, and we are hoping and praying for all you are hoping and praying for. I would not know where to begin to offer you chizuk, but know that everything you have said and done has been tremendous chizuk to the rest of us. Your strength and emunah is awe inspiring, and has strengthened my own. May you be comforted, may your daughters neshamos be elevated through everything you do with your lives, and may we only share in good news, and salvations from this day forward.

    sending love, continued strength and support from Boston.

  8. Carla Abramovich

    Praying for the immediate and complete recovery of your boys,

    May Hashem comfort you and give the boys Refuah Shlemah,
    with love,

    from Frankfurt

  9. My heart is with you. It is broken and crying out for your precious sons to stay with us. Please know we are Davening with you, sending love, holding you from afar. Praying for besorot tovot from Florida

  10. Betti from Miami, Florida

    To our beloved Gross family,
    We are holding your hands and crying with you. We are aching with the loss of your girls. Please know that your strength is inspiring and our tefilot are stronger because of it. May Hashem bring your boys home in full health and soon.
    Sending ko’ach from Miami.

  11. Sara Oberstein

    We are so sorry for your loss. You and the children are in our thoughts and prayers. I wish I had more comforting words to offer. We are silently mourning with you. Baltimore, MD

  12. Please know that you are not alone. Hashem is with you and will carry you through this wrapped in the gigantic HUG that each tefillah, each new deed, and each zechut the ENTIRE am yisrael is doing for your boys, for you and for your angels in shamayim. You are truly remarkable and an inspiration with your incredible strength faith and kiddush Hashem. We won’t stop praying and hoping and sending you all our love. May the achdut of klal yisrael coming together to stand by you give you some comfort and hope and may you all have a speedy refua shlayma and yeshua!!!

    Brooklyn, NY

  13. With love and prayers, Brooklyn New York

  14. המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

    משתתפים בצערכם מריחוק מקום ומקירוב לב

    לוס אנג’לס

  15. The video of you speaking after the poisoning brought tears to my eyes. Please Hashem, enough pain for this family!

    Your Emunah is a lesson for me (but I can learn it in other ways!) May Hashem comfort you for your losses and grant you much strength.

    May we hear good news of the recovery of your sons REALLY soon.

    Davening for you and thinking of you in Crown Heights.

  16. Please know how much we care about you and your family. We are davening for a speedy recovery for your sons here in Phoenix, Arizona!

  17. every day i have been praying for you, asking Hashem to send you comfort, and to heal your boys! May Hashem send you the best medical care possible, and may you experience no more sorrow, only nissim!
    Maaale Michmas, Israel

  18. We wish you comfort in this time of sorrow for your beautiful daughters, and are praying for the Refuah Shlema of your sons.

    Michele and Sidney

  19. אנחנו כואבים מאד ובוכים מעומק הלב על אובדן הבנות שלכם ומתפללים בלב שלם שהבנים יזכו ברפואה שלמה בקרוב ושתדעו רק נחת ותתבשרו רק בשורות טובות.

    הר חומה, ירושלים

  20. Evelynne Goldman

    Baruch Dayan Haemet, As a grandmother of 7, my heart breaks for you and your family on the tragic loss of your two lovely daughters. I cannot stop thinking about your family and wish your sons a refuah shlema.

    You are the most amazing parents in your strength. Our thoughts are continually with you from Rehovot.

  21. מצטרפים לתפילות, מחבקים אתכם יחד עם כל עם ישראל. ה’ ישלח לכם רפואה שלמה ומהירה, לבנים היקרים שבע”ה תרוו מהם נחת, שתזכו לראות אותם גדלים, בריאים וחזקים! ה’ ירפא את הפצע הגדול שנפער עם הסתלקות הבנות לגנזי מרום. מתפללת עליכם מקרב לב שתצליחו לקום מעפר ולהיבנות. ישועות ונחמות

    דבורה, מעלה אדומים

  22. So many people I know are davening for a refua shelema for your beautiful boys. Your strength and emuna is an inspiration to all of am yisrael.

    Jodie (ra’anana)

  23. Rachel Shifra

    May you be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion
    I am so so saddened and sorry for your loss. Remember in the dark moments that no one EVER wants their children to die. Hindsight is always a dangerous thing. Don’t blame yourself or your spouse based on hindsight. Just keep repeating that what you know now you did not know then. You made the best decision you could with the information you had at the time. No one ever wants their children to die. Having lost a baby myself in a different situation, this advice has been my anchor. Cling to your spouse and be united together. This statement will help you. May your older children have a full recovery. We will do what you said and daven to Hashem on their behalf and do acts of kindness in their name.

    May your younger children’s neshamot have an Aliyah. Again I am so sorry for your loss.

    Kibbutz Lavi

  24. The depth of the tragedy of your nisayon is unfathomable: as is your unmatched strength of character and spirit in your words of forgiveness towards Hashem’s shaliach and your beseeching to us on his behalf.

    May your two sons merit a complete refuah shlema in the merit of your own incredible and public acceptance of Hashem’s will ….

    Yehudit from Elad, Israel

  25. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope your sons have a refuah shelaimah.

    Sydney, Australia

  26. May Hashem send you the comfort you need at this time and send your boys a complete and speedy recovery.
    Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem

  27. My husband and I are so sorry for your horrible loss. May all your good memories of your precious daughters be a source of comfort on these very black days.

    We are davening for your boys. May they have a refu’a shelayma..

    Yishuv Ma’agalim

  28. My heart bleeds with your suffering. I can think if nothing else since I heard word of this tragic story. May Hashem grant refua shleima to your two precious boys and give you the koach and Emuna to withstand this enormous trial . Love from Clifton nj. We are saying tehillim for you.

  29. B’H
    I’m jewish, living in caracas venezuela. Me and a lot of other women in my kehila are reading psalms everyday, finishing more than 1 entire book for the recovery of your sons and that prayers also will help beezrat hashem for leiluy nishmat the neshamot kdoshot of your daughters and may Hashem confort you. You are not alone, Hashem is holding you in His arms and all Klal Israel all over the world (venezuela, panama, argentina, mexico, and a lot of places in southamerica) are joining together for you. You have all these merits, and it will help you cope with the situaction. We may hear only besorot tovot, refua shlema and we are sorry for the lost. Kol tuv, coty

  30. we are so sorry for the loss of your sweet daughters. my family is davening for a complete refua for your precious sons. hamakom yenachem etchem btoch shaar evlei tzion v’yerushalayim. rochel from beit shemesh.

  31. May this devastating yerida soar to the highest aliyah with revealed blessings for your two wonderful boys and the sweet neshomas of your dear little girls. Blessings and open Miracles NOW! Chana, Ramat Bet Shemesh ISRAEL

  32. There are no words. May your sons have a complete refuah sleimah. May your daughters’ pure neshamos bring forgiveness for klal Yisrael down from shamayim. We are davening for you.
    Seattle, WA

  33. Pam Machefsky

    Prayers from Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev.

  34. We are davening for your sons here in Columbus, Ohio. You and your family have been on our minds very much. May Hashem quickly send refuos and nechamos.

  35. Tears and prayers for your children and you from Ramat Beit shemesh. May Hashem bring us the geula shleima and end all suffering and comfort us once and for all.

  36. My children and all of us are davening for your sons and we wish them a speedy and complete recovery. Your darling girls are certainly with the Almighty, and completed the tasks He wanted them to complete during their time in this world. Hugs and tears and prayers to all of you from Beitar, Israel.

  37. Bracha Goetz

    May you be comforted with all the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim. And may your sons be saved to continue to shine their precious neshamos in our world.

    With prayers from Baltimore, Maryland

  38. We are all davening for the boys.We are with you as are Jews from every part of the world
    May they have a speedy recovery.

    San Francisco, CA

  39. May your sons be blessed with a speedy and complete recovery. With wishes for the complete geulah so that you can be reunited with your pure neshamos – may Hashem bring us the geulah now!

    Florida, USA

  40. We are with you and praying for you in Baltimore, MD. May your sons have a refua sh’leima

  41. Aileen Becker

    I am davening for your sons. I brought Shabbos in early last week for them.

  42. May you be comforted with the mourners of Zion.
    We’re with you and davening for you here in Switzerland. May your sons have a speedy and complete recovery and a refua sheleima.

  43. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious children! I pray to Hashem that your boys will have a speedy recovery!

    May Hashem bless you ALL and watch over you!

    We have you in our thoughts and prayers!


    Esther Taratoot Atlanta GA

  44. למיכל ושמעון, אני נמצאת בארצות הברית כדי לעזור ולשמח את אבי, שהוא בן אדם מאוד חולה עכשיו. החלטתי להתפלל על הבנים שלכם כל תפילה שגם התפללתי על אבי. במיוחד לפני הדלקת נרות. אני כל כך מצטערת על הבנות שלכם. כמובן זאת רק מה’ אבל צריך המון כח להאמין בזמן אמת. אני מעריכה אתכם והגישה הבריאה שלכם. ובעזרת ה’ אתם באמת תראו ניסים עם שני הבנים. המקום ינחם אתכם עם שאר כל עם ישראל. מחבקים אתכם.
    בשורות טובות! רחל מהר נוף, כרגע בדלריי ביץ’ פלורידה בארה”ב

  45. שמעתי המסר שלכם ודמאות נפלו מהעינים. בזמן כל כך קשה שאתם רואו את יד ה באהבה. איזה קידוש ה שישפיע על כל העולם ובטוחה שהילדים שיצוא ממך טהור טהור ורק במקום הכי גבוהה.
    אני מבורכת שה’ יתן שתמשיך לרואת כל המתנות שה’ רוצה שאתם יהנו מאותם ותמיד לראות שהכל ה’ עשה באהבה ומושלם בעולם ולראות ישועות בקרוב ושפע!
    תמשיכי להיות חזק ודוגמה לאחרים!


  46. Licette Colon

    We have cry with you, we are in Santiago, Dominican Republic, very far from Israel but
    close to you and to Hashem. We are a very small jewish community holding together and praying for your
    children. HUGS and PRAYERS to all of you.


    Eliana Rahjel Colón

  47. I am so sorry about your loss.i am davening for the speedy recovery of your boys.may hashem always watch over you

  48. Sara Debbie Gutfreund

    We are davening for your sons’ speedy and complete recovery. May Hashem comfort you and protect you and bring you only light and blessing
    Sara Debbie Gutfreund
    Waterbury, Ct

  49. Michal and Shimon: Hamakom yenachem eschem bsoch sha’ar aveilei Tzion v’Yerushalayim. Your little girls holy neshamalach are in Gan Eden being meilitza yoshera for your family and Klal Yisroel.

    Your Emunah and Bitochon is inspiring.

    We pray the doctors who are the shlichim of The Rofeh be matzliach with healing Chaim Michael Shlomo ben Michal and Refael Yitzchak Isaac ben Michal. Praying for refuas Hanefesh u’refuas haGuf – complete physical and emotional healing for all of you.

    Doris Jaffe
    San Diego, California

  50. Rachel Espinoza

    May you and your family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim, and may your sons receive a refuah shelma NOW, please Hashem. Your emunah at this unspeakably difficult time is deeply inspiring. May you be tested no more and only see miracles from this moment forward.

    Rachel Espinoza

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  51. Wendy Shindler

    Dear the Gross family, so sorry to hear of the loss of your daughters. May you be comforted among the mourners of Israel and your sons should have a speedy recovery! May Hashem watch over all of them and you should know no more sorrow!

  52. Baruch Dayan HaEmet, and we daven for a refuah shlema for the boys. And may you reach to that place of peace and feel Hashem’s love in your lives.

    Queens, NY

  53. Jodi Robertson

    My heart aches with you and rejoices with you as well as HaShem is doing a great work with your boys. My family has been davening for each and every one you, and your emuna and love has been awe inspiring to us. We love you, and seek that HaShem might fill you up with outpouring and overflowing healing and shalom.

    Sending all my heart and love,

    Jodi Robertson
    Pennsylvania, USA

  54. I am so sorry for your loss. May you be comforted among the mourners and Zion.

    Chicago, Illinois

  55. שה’ יתן לכם את הכח
    אנחנו מתפללים חזק חזק בשביל הבנים שלכם
    רחל מפלורידה

  56. Rona Gitelson

    My heart goes out to you on the loss of your babies and my prayers also go out to you that your sons recover quickly now that they are breathing on their own. May you never know anymore sorrow.

    With much love
    Rona Gitelson

    St. Louis, Missouri

  57. We love you and we are so sorry for the loss of your 2 precious daughters. We are davening for a refuah sheleimah for your 2 sons. May you know no more pain. Moshiach now!

    Tzivia J.

    Chicago, Illinois

  58. אין רגע שעובר שאני לא חושבת עליכם. אני מתפללת לד’ שישלח לבנים שלכם רפואה שלמה במהרה ושיחלימו מאה אחוז. שד’ יתן לכם נחמה על הבנות המתוקות בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים ושתזכו לנחת וברכה והמשך חיים מבורכים ושמחים.
    רחל, אריאל

  59. Josephine Levin

    Praying in Yerushalayim for the mercy and healing of our great G-d to give your little boys a total refuah shleima. So happy to hear their little hearts are beating on their own.

  60. Debra Greenstein

    Dear Michal and Shimon.

    My heart goes out to you and I am so sorry for the loss of your daughters. May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. May your sons continue to improve to a speedy and complete recovery. I admire your strength and faith and may you have more strength than you ever thought possible. May you be blessed with only good things and may we all see the revealed good of Hashem’s ways.

    Debra Greenstein
    Formerly of Los Angeles
    Now living in Ramat Beit Shemesh

  61. Dear Michal and Simon,

    May you be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. I am so so sorry for the loss of your precious daughters.

    Please know that Klal Yisrael an I are davening for your two beautiful sons to have a refuah shleima!!!!! You are not alone!

    With blessings for HEALING and LOVE,

    Jory Stillman, New York City

  62. Dear Shimon and Michal,
    I’m from Ma’alot. My heart aches for you on the loss of your two precious girls. When I look at their picture, I think of them as flowers. I am praying and giving tzedekah for the refuah shlemah of your two young sons. May they be healed speedily and fully and may you and your families and friends know no more pain and suffering. I’m glad so many people all around the world have reached out to you so you know that you are not alone.

  63. Amy Salzman

    Sending love, prayers and condolences from Miami Florida.

  64. Cigal Gabay

    Dear Shimon and Michal,

    My heart broke for you when I heard about horrific tragedy that had befallen your family. Now I am praying for a complete and a speedy Refua Shleima for your beautiful boys. I pray they return home very soon and that your family only knows smachot from now on.

    Sending love and strength,

    Cigal from RBSA

  65. Dear Michal,

    You are an inspiration to the whole Jewish nation.
    Going through the most difficult tragedy a mother can experience you still display strength and faith.
    This is real Emunah and Bitachon.
    Anyone hearing and reading about Yael and Avigayil a ‘h has been sheddind tears about those beautiful little girls.
    No doubt they were welcomed to Heaven by HKBH Himself joining all those precious little neshamos taken away from this world much too early.
    May you be granted a full recovery for your boys, may you only see naches and may Hashem help you with all you need to restore a happy and healthy family.

    With love from Adina, currently in Switzerland

  66. Naomi Krinsky

    I can’t imagine your pain. May Hashem comfort you like all the mourners of TZION and Jerusalem . Your beautiful boys should fully recovery. Our prays and thoughts are with you . Hashem should give you no more Tzurous. Thinking of u SYDNEY AUSTRALIA

  67. Dearest Gross Family,

    There are no words we can possibly offer as comfort to you during this most challenging time. Your family has a special place in our heart and are in our tefillos. The emunah and strength you have displayed during this time is admirable and has left an impression on us all. May the Ribono Shel Olam comfort you and bless you with only revealed good and may we merit the coming of Moshiach now.

    Josephine from Miami, Florida

  68. The entire Himelstein family of Baltimore and Miami sends loving wishes of strength, hope, and great courage to you. We have gained so much from your emuna & bitachon, you to know that we share your pain, also look forward to it rejoicing with you when the redemption comes, speedily in our days.

  69. Dear gross family,
    We are thinking of you in this time and our whole family are davening for your boys. I check the news over and over to see improvements and get excited when there are and share with my children who are also davening here in sydney Australia.
    We are devastated for your Avigail and Yael
    Hamakom ynachem etchem btoch avelei Zion vyerushalaim
    Family eisenberg ( sydney Australia )

  70. למשפחת גרוס היקרה,

    אנחנו משתתפים איתכם בצערכם על 2 הבנות היקרות.
    וממשיכים להתפלל איתכם לרפואת 2 הבנים היקרים.
    אתם נמצאים במחשבותינו ובתפילותינו כל הזמן!
    שהקב״ה יתן לכם הרבה כח להמשך ושתחלקו איתנו רק בשורות טובות מעתה.

    שולחים לכם הרבה חיבוקים!!!

    משפחת סוקול
    רמת בית שמש

  71. Miriam Grossman

    May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Israel. So terribly sorry for the loss of your precious daughters.

  72. Ha’makom yenahem etkhem betokh she’ar avelei Tziyonvi’Yerushalayim. Our hearts break over the loss of your two precious daughters.
    We join with others around the world to pray for a refuah shalama for your beautiful boys. May Hashem bless you all.
    Judy S.
    Teaneck, New Jersey

  73. Cena Abergel

    To the Gross Family,
    I am reciting Tehillim daily for your boys and for you. May Hashem continue to strengthen the boys and may they and you have a complete and speedy refuah shlemah. May Hashem comfort you on the loss of your two beautiful treasures, may their souls be a blessing for your boys and your entire family.
    Much love and prayers from Los Angeles, California. (My maiden name is Gross)

  74. Dearest Gross family .

    My heart broke the moment I heard what happened. Tears flowed as we mourned your beautiful children as I am writing this I feel so much pain for the loss of your daughters , as I don’t know what I can say to you , I want you to know that our hearts go out to you as we are praying refua shelema for your boys here in Mexico City , as hashem should be with you always giving you strength and Love
    Sincerely and much Love the cohen family

  75. I pray every day for the refoua chelema of your dear boys; this is a terrible tragedy, may Hashem help you and give you strength about the loss of your little girls; i pray for you from the gush etzion

  76. I can not even begin to imagine what you’re going through. Praying for your boys and family.

    Idaho, USA

  77. Im so sorry for your loss. I am constantly thinking about your daughters and would like to do something in their honor .I would like your permission to dedicate my tzedaka fundraiser for this year in their memory.
    brooklyn, new york

  78. Aliza cohen

    The Kidush. Hashem you made reached Toronto! You embody true ahavat Israel.May we all be zoche to learn from you& bring mashiach tzidkeinu bimhera beyameinu.
    “Hamakom yenachem etchem betoch avlei yerushalaim”May The Almighty answer adrj your prayers for the good…

  79. We pray for the speedy and full recovery of your two boys in Betar Illit, Israel. May HaShem give you nechama and kochot for the tragic loss of your precious daughters Avigail and Yael.

  80. so happy to hear the boys are doing better- crying over your loss! I dont know what to say, thinking of ur family.

    Jerusalem, Israel

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