Why Hashem Kicked Us Out of our Dream House by Shoshana Thaler (Purim Semifinalist #5)

Why Hashem Kicked Us Out of our Dream House by Shoshana Thaler (Purim Semifinalist #5)

We had been renting a home for 3 years and were looking forward to buying it.

When I noticed that the toilet in the basement was leaking, I called a friend who fiddled with it and said it would be fine. But the problem just got worse and worse.

Before we knew it, the main sewer stack in our basement was overflowing. We were shocked when the landlord refused to fix the sewer as the expense was too great for him. And we were even more shocked when he gave us 2 weeks to vacate our belovedhome.

Our landlord refused to negotiate a selling price even after we offered to fix the sewer ourselves. I was traumatized at living in a home with a malfunctioned sewer but I was even more traumatized at being kicked out!

Wasn’t this the home we were planning to buy sometime soon? This was a nightmare we could never have imagined– our dream home going up in a cloud of (toxic) smoke.

To make a long story short, we told our landlord we’d need a bit more than 2 weeks to find a new place to live, and we began a frantic search for a new house.

The first house we looked at made us laugh, because we are Lubavitch, and its address was 770.

This house had been vacant for a long time. But we soon realized it had been waiting for…US!

We looked at many rentals and homes after it, but none were big enough for our family and still fit our budget. 770 was literally our only hope.

So with help from my very generous parents, we bought the house and moved in.

The Thaler family.

The Thaler family.

This house is clearly for us, it is perfect in so many ways, and so much better than the old rental we moved out of.

It has 2 kitchens! It has 6 bedrooms as opposed to 3! It has a laundry hookup on the 2nd floor! It has new carpeting, paint and cabinetry!

It has so many gifts for our family, that I haven’t stopped thanking Hashem for it.

In addition to the all-around awesomeness of the house, there’s been an even greater bonus to our move.

Our new house is twenty minutes away from our old neighborhood in a smaller community.

Although we were unsure about how we would adjust to this new environment, we have since discovered that our new neighborhood has a delightful shul where we feel we belong and can also make a difference.

I truly feel that Hashem wants us here, to bring out the best in us.

He kicked us out of our old rental, because He had a mission for us, and to sweeten the blow, He gave us a beautiful, comfortable place to live with His blessing. Thank God!

Shoshana Thaler lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and four children. She is getting a degree in psychology and makes jewelry.


  1. So happy for you!!!

  2. Proud of you, Shoshi!

  3. Wow!!! Beautiful story!!!

  4. Beautifully written!!! Kolhakavod!!!

  5. What a Megillah!
    The Yidden believing that their only option for patronage was to attend the feast of Acheshverosh hoRosho is similar to you believing that the safest home for your family is a too-small house with a backed up sewer! Venehapoch Hu — The Yidden turned to Hashem and you discovered 770!!!

  6. Welcome home, Shoshana!

  7. The other Shoshana

    May you be blessed with many simchos in 770!
    A true modern-day Purim switch-a-roo!

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