Tips for Easier Passover Cleaning

Tips for Easier Passover Cleaning

A few ideas to take the stress out of and put more joy into Pesach cleaning.


  1. Thank you!!! This was great and so helpful.

  2. thank you so much !

  3. Love it! I have always had one question , though. We are baali teshuva, so we never saw our parents do bedikas chametz. I wondered, how is my husband supposed to do bedikas chametz in 2014 with all the clothes, books, toys, and all the other things (STUFF) that we have accumulated. If I did a thorough job at cleaning for pesach, is he really supposed to go through our whole house and check every single corner? I don’t see how it’s possible. I feel it is a waste of time. The rabbis say it is a serious thing and it shouldn’t be a “game” when it comes to bedikas chametz. However, it does feel like a game. Is a person really supposed to find chametz and use a feather and a spoon to clean it? What happened to bounty? Or a sponge? Or a broom? The feather and spoon seem like a game and not very practical. Thank you so much for this video. Your smile makes everything brighter.

      • Ok, so I see it says the mitzvah is to search, not to find. So I don’t see why this has to take a couple hours? How long should it take for a 3 bedroom house with a basement?

        • I don’t think there’s any time limit. You hide 10 pieces so that the blessing isn’t said in vain, and then search. You look around the house to see if you perhaps missed anything and “find” the 10 pieces. Then you burn it in the morning.

        • Hi,
          I wanted to share a thought that I had that might be helpful. I think we can somewhat compare “bedikas chametz” to the last rehearsal before the performance.
          The cast and everything is ready for the big night but you go through the play one last time to make sure there are no glitches or mistakes that need to be picked up on.
          In the weeks leading up to Pesach, I go through my list of things to clean and mentally or literally check of the areas that I cleaned – bedroom, closets, cabinets….
          Right before the big night (performance = Pesach starting). We do a run through – bedikas chametz – to make sure nothing was forgotten. Sometimes I’m so busy in the little details I can miss something and even more I may have in my mind that the bedrooms, closets are done – but this last check makes sure that no chametz came back in to that area that I cleaned.
          Enjoy your preparations for the play and don’t forget that last rehearsal!

          • Awesome! Thank you ladies.

          • Dina, I like your comparison.
            Lauren, I’d like to add that hiding the ten pieces of chometz is a minhag, not halacha. If one doesn’t have that minhag in the family, one should probably speak to one’s rav before following the minhag.

  4. You did it Chana Jenny! I bought the cleaning stuff, took down the PESACH BINDER (serious) and I’m getting on with it. Was at the very bottom of Mt. Inertia. Thank you xxx

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