Announcing our $100 “My Personal Exodus from Egypt” Pesach Contest!

Announcing our $100 “My Personal Exodus from Egypt” Pesach Contest!

I so love these contests, so I just couldn’t wait to do another one…

Have you ever overcome an addiction or a behavior that was destructive to you or others? Please share the story of your own personal exodus from Egypt. I will be posting the semifinalists over the week of Passover and, if chosen, you could win $100! (UPON REQUEST, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO POST YOUR STORY ANONYMOUSLY).

A few ideas for topics:

Have you overcome an eating disorder such as anorexia/bulimia/overeating?
Have you overcome an addiction to the internet/facebook/email/your cellphone?
Have you stopped yelling at your kids?
Have you stopped speaking lashon hara?
Have you overcome serious marriage difficulties? Left an abusive marriage?
Have you overcome depression/anxiety/OCD or other serious mental challenges?
Have you pulled yourself out of serious debt?
Have you ever overcome a trauma or phobia?

Click here to submit your story…


  1. Two questions/comments:

    1. Where do you keep getting the $100 to give the winners??

    2. All these addictions sound somewhat familiar, but I’m curious to hear about people that overcame them. I’m still suffering through half of them!

    • JewishMom

      the source of the $100s will remain my little secret:) And I also felt like I could write a whole slew of articles about my own personal yetsiat mitsrayims…

  2. BTW, are you not planning on posting the winner to the last contest?

    • JewishMom

      I just changed the title of the contest post to announce the winner– the winner was “The Night Mikveh Changed my Life”

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