And the Grand-Prize Winner is…

And the Grand-Prize Winner is…

I wanted thank all five JewishMOMs who opened their hearts and shared their own awe-inspiring personal Exodus stories with all of us.

And I also wanted to clarify something: I called this a contest. But, of course, regarding life’s inevitable tests, nobody is better or worse than anyone else. We spend our lives making our way through the G-d-given curriculum of challenges that makes up our lives. And the only person I should be competing with is the person I was yesterday!

For that reason, I decided to choose the prize recipient at random at

And the grand-prize winner is: My Liberation from Compulsive Eating by Anonymous.

Mazal tov!

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  1. Your comments are so appropriate. I am glad we didn’t have to vote. Hope you had a joyous holiday.

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