The Bible of Bergen Belsen

The Bible of Bergen Belsen

If the Nazi guards at Bergen Belsen would have found the 43-page miniature Bible he drew, they would have murdered this determined father on the spot. But that didn’t stop the father of 7-year-old Dina Dasberg from drawing this Bible in order to teach his deaf daughter the greatest stories of the Jewish tradition.

They can beat us

They can persecute us.

They can even murder us. By the millions.

But the Jewish soul is stronger than death. Am Yisrael Chai.

bb 2

bb tanach



  1. just curious if these drawings are in yad v’shem?

  2. This is incredible

  3. channah rachel herrmann

    thankyou very much for sharing this with all of us i would like to see the whole 43 pages is that possible? if the girls name was Dasberg then she was probably from Holland and so is my mom and so i would like to know more about the girl. did she survive the war? is she still alive today? my two aunts were also in Bergen Belsen with my grandmother and grandfather who both died there HY”D. my mom went into hidding and if you would like to know her story i can tell you about it just let me know. chodesh tov

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