Black and White: A Love Story (3-Minute Inspirational Video)

Black and White: A Love Story (3-Minute Inspirational Video)

Yossi Turetsky’s parents made aliya from Britain. His wife, Ruti’s parents made aliya from Ethiopia.

In this inspirational music video, Yossi gives thanks to the modern miracle of the Ingathering of the Exiles to the State of Israel that brought him and his wife together after millenia spent in Africa and Europe.

Today, Yossi and Ruti are parents of 3 daughters– two of whom appear in the video singing alongside their abba.

This sweet story reminded me of the wedding we attended a few years ago of two art students: Noga, an immigrant from the Ukraine, and Yosef, the son immigrants from Ethiopia. It was mindblowing to think of all the miracles that had to take place to bring that couple together after so many millenia of exile–the fall of the Soviet Union, the aliya of Ethiopian Jewry….

If anyone would have heard the Divine voice calling out “the daughter of so-and-so will marry so-and-so” when Noga was in her mother’s womb– he would have rightly laughed out loud! But Hashem runs the world, nothing is too great for him. Thanks so much to Hadas Melmed for sending this inspirational video my way.


  1. Would you translate the lyrics for us please?

  2. beautiful song and a lovely family.

  3. That was so beautiful song! I had to listen twice.

  4. Hadassah

    Thanks for posting this.

  5. What a awesome story and beautiful song and a beautiful family may God bless them

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