The Best Candy of All

The Best Candy of All

Yesterday, I wanted to spend 20 minutes on the computer finishing up an article, but my 3-year-old Tsofia kept on interrupting me.

So I told her, “Tsoofy, listen, if you draw a picture and don’t talk to me, then afterwards I’ll let you choose a treat from the big treat jar.”

“Can I have Adashim?” she asked, meaning Israeli M&M’s.

“Yep, if you don’t talk to Eema until Eema is done, then you can have a bag of Adashim.”

And that did it. Tsoofy quietly worked on her picture (pretty much) while I finished up my article, and then we went down to the kitchen and Tsoofy pointed to the package of Adashim she wanted, her sky-blue eyes wide with anticipation.

I opened up the package for her, and Tsoofy sat at the table contentedly eating one after another until her little fingers had turned the colors of a traffic light.

But when Tsoofy got down to her final 2 or 3 adashim, she began to cry.

“Why are you crying?” I asked her.

“I don’t like this candy!”

“Why not?”

“I like candy with more inside!”

“But you ate them, that’s why there’s not more,” I attempted to reason with her.

“Then next time I want a different candy. I want a candy that stays more!”

Ahhh, exactly. Truth is, I want that kind of candy too…



  1. so cute! classic!

  2. love it!

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