Freak Smiling Rice

Freak Smiling Rice

JewishMOM Yehudit Levy of Elad was checking rice when she came across this smiling grain! Yehudit thought maybe this means Hashem is smiling at rice-checkers everywhere;)



  1. well, it takes a special woman to pay attention to such detail – it’s possible that there are a lot of ‘freak rice’ we simply do not see being busy and in constant hurry =)

  2. WOW! I’ve never found anything even remotely that cute in my rice. D-X

  3. There is nothing haphazard in Hashem’s world. He just gave you a thumbs up!

  4. is checking rice an israeli thing? We don’t do that here — and we are pretty makpid about everything!

  5. Yerushalmit

    Interesting. Chinese face

  6. Savta Ima

    She could try selling it on e-bay —along with that cornflake that was in the shape of Texas. Or maybe she should check if there was a “find the smiley-rice-face” contest. Whoever finds the rice grain wins, like, a fee trip to Eilat for Pesach!!!!

  7. Safta ima: I had your thoughts exactly! I emailed uncle bens and they actually replied but sadly there was no contest 🙁 But they loved it .

    By the way: I’m not the most makpid of rice checkers: it happened that I was overseas so the rice was not my usual bug-free vacuum packed Israeli brand…. I thought I should slow down a little and make more of an effort, when the face came out!

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