Eyal Yifrach’s Father and Mother Speak (2-Minute Video)

Eyal Yifrach’s Father and Mother Speak (2-Minute Video)

The 1st public statement by the parents of Eyal Yifrach.

Uri Yifrach (Eyal’s father): Today we are coming out of our home to the Jewish people, to this strong and wonderful people. We are believers and children of believers, and we believe that everything Hashem does is for the best.

We want to say “Thank you so much” to the Jewish people, for the wonderful embrace, for the prayers, for the kabbalot [performance of more good deeds and mitzvot]. For the great unity that exists in this people. We believe that this great unity in the people gives strength to the children. It’s strengthening Eyal, it’s strengthening Gilad, It’s strengthening Naftali.

We are asking for the Jewish people to continue praying, to continue taking on kabbalot, to stay unified: our strength is in our unity.

I want to bless the security forces: the IDF, the police, the secret service, everyone who is taking part in this big undertaking. We want to thank the Prime Minister, the ministers, the members of Knesset who are working on this. We know that everybody is working and laboring in order to bring the boys home in peace.

Iris Yifrach (Eyal’s mother): Our Jewish people, we love you with all our hearts. We feel the warmth of your hearts towards us, and it enters our hearts. Your love is also felt by our children, by Eyali, Gilad, and Naftali. I am begging from the bottom of my heart: continue to pray!

Our Eyali, we love you! The Jewish people is praying for you. Look what a beautiful people! Give a strong hug to Gilad and Naftali. Thanks so much to everyone.


  1. A teacher

    In Australia, we are davening for your precious boys, and learning in their z’chus. Our hearts are with you every minute of the day. Chazak ve’ematz! Yeshuas Hashem k’heref ayin!!

  2. Crying. Hashem make a miracle and bring these boys home now!

  3. Ya'alat Chen

    Which is her correct middle name– Teshura or Tesura?

    • JewishMom

      I had the same question– this name is “teshora” which means a present

  4. Shimeon Weiner

    They are so refined – they make me so proud to be Jewish! I hope we see them again soon – smiling and hugging their children!

  5. I may be wrong so please feel free to correct me swiftly and firmly on this observation:

    I don’t remember the Shalit family being so filled with gratitude for all that was being done for their son, and most certainly not mentioning prayer (they didn’t thank Hashem when he was returned, either). I do remember a lot of protest and high-profile lobbying.

    I don’t want to criticise anyone for how they react in such a horrifying nightmare scenario, I’m just commenting that I hope the difference will not be lost on the media because the parents of Gilad, Eyal and Naftali are performing such kiddush Hashem and Ahavat Israel on an otherworldly level with their constant messages of thanks to the people without either criticism, bitterness or blame……

    Just a thought. I hope that their sincerity and strong emuna will only be strengthened and rewarded with the return of their sons as soon as possible.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. May Hashem answer all the prayers speedily with revealed goodness and blessings.

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