85,000 Gather at Sunday Rally for the Boys

85,000 Gather at Sunday Rally for the Boys

85,000 people gathered last night in Tel Aviv to express their solidarity with the boys’ families. Here’s some highlights from the mothers’ moving speeches:

Bat Galim Sha’er: mother of Gilad: “We have an entire nation here with us that is waiting for you, that is yearning for your safe return home. In Israel and around the world they have united in preparation for your return. And when you come home you will discover that our family has grown a great deal, you have brothers and sisters throughout Israel and the world.”

Racheli Frankel: mother of Naftali: “This is a gathering of love, of together. Natan Sharansky told us that what kept him going in prison, even though he had no idea what was going on outside, was the certainty that people are fighting for him. Somewhere out there are three boys who know that there is no way we will give up, that there is no chance that we will give in. The love that we feel here—is giving him life there.”

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  1. This is so much harder to read now. I just received this in ny inbox. Crying nonstop.

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