My 2 AM Emergency (13-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

My 2 AM Emergency (13-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

The night my husband was away, and I had to deal with a household disaster all on my own.


  1. Chana Jenny – you are so courageous! When you were talking about the water-“things” – I had to smile! You did it! Yay! On the serious side . . . you are so right. Every day we face new situations that Hashem sets before us, and we must choose an action. Doing the right thing – the very thing He asks of us – feels so good!

  2. Another thought – hopefully this type of thing will never happen at your place again . . . but IF it does – Chana Jenny, you will not need to call your husband! You will know exactly where the water “things” are! Psalm 84 – : “they go from strength to strength,” – Each trial, and each right decision – makes us stronger – ready to meet the challenges ahead.

  3. Thanks Chana Jenny. So applicable in so many ways. Thanks again.

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