So, Nu? Who Won the War?

So, Nu? Who Won the War?

I spent this Tisha b’Av night reading deeply troubling reports about anti-Semitic and anti-Israel demonstrations which took place this past July throughout Europe. These demonstrations were sometimes violent, but always seething with hatred for all Jews everywhere.

Will this ever end, I thought? 2600 years ago Jeremiah said that we Jews were a “Nation that dwells alone.” And we still are. Isolated, detested, misunderstood.

This summer Hamas Prime Minister Haniya caused the deaths of over 1800 of his own people in Gaza—through provoking Israel with over 3000 missiles targeted at 75% of its citizens and through cynically insisting on using his own women and children and even babies as human shields—shooting missiles from hospitals, schools, families’ homes. In one particularly horrifying case, IDF soldiers found a stockpile of Hamas weapons stored next to a baby’s crib (here’s the photo)
And yesterday Haniya’s official statement at the start of the ceasefire was:“The pictures of destruction in Gaza are proof of the enemy’s defeat.”
1800 of his citizens killed, BECAUSE OF HIM.
Hundreds of families’ homes destroyed, BECAUSE OF HIM.
And he is certain that this death and destruction which he caused is proof is HIS victory.

What sick, evil enemies we are facing in Israel and throughout the world.

When is the violence and hatred against Jews going to end, we all ask.
And truth is, like all of us, I have no idea.
But one thing I do know for sure is that we shouldn’t lose hope.

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  1. A wonderful message – reminds us . . . and brings us back to the bedrock of our faith.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It is very powerful.

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