All Time Israeli Birth Record—68 Babies Born the Day War Ended

All Time Israeli Birth Record—68 Babies Born the Day War Ended

Beersheva’s Soroka Hospital is home to the busiest maternity ward in Israel. On an average day, 35 babies are born there. But on the last day of Operation Protective Edge, something bizarre happened. The birth rate nearly doubled and 68 babies were born there in one day.

Israeli officials say that this sets a record for births in an Israeli hospital over a 24-hour period since the State of Israel was established.

The weird thing? Let’s do a little math…

The amount of Jews killed during Operation Protective Edge = 65

The amount of boys murdered earlier this summer = 3

Add them together, and what do you get?

A wink from Hashem to his beloved nation that has been through a VERY hard summer.

(please note, the photo above is not connected to this post. Thanks so much to Miriam Friedman for sending this my way!)



  2. Lauren Adilev

    Unfortunately, probably most were Arabs who will be raised to hate and kill Jews. 68 is the gematria for chaim-life-but nore sure if we can say l’chaim.

    shabbat shalom u’mevorach

    • I can confirm this fact of Lauren from my attendance therein one 2-month stint in the birth room 35 years ago!

  3. Any child born is a hopeful and beautiful sign that Hashem wants life to continue and that each child has something to contribute to the world that was missing until now. (regardless of ethnicity). We can only hope that they will be able to grow up in peace and security.

    • Hadassah, not necessarily. Amalekites are children with nothing to contribute to society, except to folks the free choice to dissolve all ties with such ilk.

  4. Hmmmm. Sigh. I had heard this and was so awestruck by Hashem’s wink, as you say.
    I hadn’t had the sobering thought that any of them would be Arabs …..

    Thought on the other hand, while Arabs around the world are calling for our death, we were busy delivering more of them into the world and saving their lives. It may be madness on our part, but it is also light, truth and morality.

    Anyone got the statistics on those births?

  5. Did you actually confirm these statistics with Soroka hospital ?
    I heard another “girsa”
    Of 67 births adding up to 64 soldiers + 3 citizens.
    This just sounds to me like another made up “wort” like the one about triplets born and named after the three kidnapped boys.

    Please do check before you publicize

    And in any case, as others said, we can assume 50% of those births were bedouins. No such a reason to rejoice

  6. YL, That’s a wonderful way to look at it:)

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