Siren at 3-Year-Old’s Birthday Party (1-Minute Video)

Siren at 3-Year-Old’s Birthday Party (1-Minute Video)

A month ago, Noa of Moshav Kochav Michael in the south of Israel turned 3 years old. But the family delayed the party because so many of her friend’s families had been forced to flee the Moshav during the war.

For little Noa, though, it was very hard to continue waiting for her big day. But during last week’s ceasefire, her parents promised her that the coming Wednesday (yesterday) was finally going to be b-day. “All the time she was asking us when her party would be. And nobody knew that Hamas would go back to firing missiles at us non-stop,” her father explains.

Noa’s birthday, it turned out, was the same day that Hamas sent a record 168 missiles at the residents of south and central Israel.

Just seeing this video of Noa having to run to the bomb shelter before she manages to blow out her candles brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I watch this video. So sad to see how Hamas is bringing fear into so many live, including the lives of so many young children growing up in the shadow of sirens and missiles. But every time I watch this it also makes me smile to see the teachers and parents continuing the party in the bomb shelter. It reminds me of the theme song of the expulsion from Gush Katif 9 years ago: “The eternal people is not afraid of a long road.”


  1. This breaks my heart!

  2. thos pple. are so strong. may they have much deserved quiet very soon!

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