The 15-Minute No-Nag Initiative

The 15-Minute No-Nag Initiative

I saw this poster from Mishmeret HaShalom around the neighborhood, and thought this was an amazing idea! To participate, you have to agree not to criticize any family members or guests for the first fifteen minutes after they enter your home.

No “Why aren’t your shoes tied?!” to your son.
No “You left your towel at the swimming pool again?!” to your daughter.
No “I’ve been trying to reach you all afternoon, why is your cellphone off?!” to your husband.

15 minutes of peace. 15 minutes of home as a safe place for family members. 15 minutes of no nag.

Maybe a nice idea for this Elul, JewishMOM? Chodesh Tov!

no nag 1

no nag

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  1. Love this! Thank you!

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